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Coastal Golf and Safari CC

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Coastal Golf and Safari
Having been fortunate enough to spend three summers playing league cricket in Scotland and England, it gave me the opportunity to meet many new people and make many firm friends throughout my time in the United Kingdom. Many of these new friends had a natural curiosity of my home country and the towns where I lived. On my return to the South Africa Summers, I always had a party of visitors return with me. As a host it was natural to show them the best of my province, Kwazulu-Natal. It never disappointed, and with the guests being astounded by the quality, the value and the amount of activities for the tourist.

Then on taking up a position with the Durban Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and witnessing the growth of Durban tourism as well as the interest in South Africa as a tourist destination, it became apparent that the time was perfect to not only establish a tourism based business, but become more business orientated in my tours. This involved registration with local tourism authorities and becoming an official tour operator.

It was natural that with my strong sporting ties that the tours would involve some of the best quality golf courses in South Africa. Known as the "Golf Coast" the southern part of the coastline is blessed with outstanding courses on the doorstep of the Indian Ocean. Making use of the game parks which are home to the "Big Five" and World Heritage Sites, it gives an opportunity for top quality golf, game viewing, sun, sea and of course the pleasures of a first world holiday for unequaled value.

Spending time in the United Kingdom and indeed living there for extended periods has given me a valuable concept of the British way of life and the expected standards of the British tourist. Using this knowledge as well as extensive local knowledge provides a valuable advantage in providing a tourist service.

An introduction to Kwazulu-Natal
Kwazulu-Natal is situated on the east coast of Africa and can boast 600km of coastline, dotted with holiday towns and attractions. The central part of the province is characterised by lush rolling hills and rushing rivers. In the north is a wilderness of lakes, rivers and game parks. The southern coast is home to the many golden beaches and golfing destinations.

Overseas arrivals have been increasing steadily, with significant growth from 1994 onwards. Kwazulu-Natal is visited by approximately a third of all South Africa’s international air arrival visitors, or by roughly 521 000 in 2000. This figure has been increasing steadily, making Kwazulu-Natal a much favoured destination. Durban alone has around 18 000 hotel beds. With several major multi-million rand tourism projects being developed, Durban and Kwazulu-Natal is set to remain a major tourism market.

Kwazulu-Natal can be described as a many-splendoured interaction of natural wonders, ultra-modern facilities, fascinating cultural imprints and reminders of a dynamic history - in the most breathtakingly beautiful and varied setting imaginable. Gateway to this unique holiday destination is the buzz of coastal Africa's ultimate pleasure-palace...the sophisticated and cosmopolitan, vibrant harbour-city of Durban. In addition to a living multi-culture of East, West and the proud Zulu nation, gourmet treats and a pulsating nightlife...across-the-board accommodation and highly efficient transport links make this tourist-friendly city an ideal launch-pad for unforgettable journeys of discovery and excitement.

The South Coast popularly known as the Golf Coast thanks to a comprehensive selection of 11 fine courses - our 120km stretch of inviting Indian Ocean, expansive golden Beaches and unique variant of sub-tropical Bush could just as easily (and accurately) be afforded a number of perfectly-appropriate titles. Hiker's Heaven... Diver's Discovery... Birder's Beauty... Surfer's Secrets...Angler's Abundance... Beachcomber's Bliss... Adventurer's Adrenalin...Collector's Cornucopia... Whale-watcher's Wonder and even Stargazer's Surprise perfectly describe how visitors are spoilt for choice along the scenic, relaxed route between Durban metro's cosmopolitan Buzz and the Zulu Kingdom's southernmost reaches.

Continuing our inherited affinity with The Great Outdoors, it's no surprise that the South Coast has become a premier holiday destination... where year- round sunshine maintains the carefree, up-beat mood. Styles of accommodation are as wide-ranging as the opportunities for fun and excitement... home-away-from-home for the international jet- set, globe-trotting back-packers and everyone in between who seeks a memorable experience.

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